Are there different phases to your physical therapy programs?

Phase I
Evaluate, identify systems that influence your and your doctor’s goals.
Phase II
Use a variety of techniques such as muscle energy, counter strain, myofascial release and mobilization (just to name a few!) to facilitate your body’s healing process.
Phase III
Design, implement, correct and progress your individual stretching, strengthening and conditioning program. This includes education lifestyle (ie ergonomic body mechanics) and referral to other practitioners that can assist you on your road to wellness.
Phase IV
Prevention. Upon discharge, you will leave with a wellness prescription. This is a Home Exercise Program that can be executed at home without the need for skilled care. We can also direct or recommend you to programs that will further enhance your goals and take you to the next level.
Phase IV Gym Program
After you are discharged from therapy, patients are able to use our gym to execute their HEP (or any other exercises they wish!) for a modest month to month fee. While use of our equipment does not constitute physical therapy, patients have said they enjoy coming and knowing that they are in a medically supervised environment. If a question arises while performing your exercises, in many cases, it can be answered immediately.