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Direct Access

What does this mean to me?

Patients needing physical therapy services can receive therapy directly from a therapist, without the need for a prescription from a physician.

Will my insurance cover direct access care?

Not always. Some insurance companies generally cover Direct Access, but when you get to the policy level, it may not be. We strongly recommend you contact your insurance carrier to discuss your specific physical therapy benefit.

Are there limitations?

Medicare, Workman’ Compensation and Grade V spinal manipulations are not eligible for direct access. 

You may receive up to 6 visits within a 30 day period. If you require continuous treatment or are not making appropriate gains, you will be required to see a doctor and get a prescription before treatment can continue

What if my insurance doesn’t cover my treatment?

If it is known prior to treatment your insurance will not cover Direct Access, you will be required to obtain a prescription from your physician or pay directly at the time of service. If your insurance denies payment due to lack of prescription, you will be billed accordingly for any sessions denied by your insurance carrier.